We are a Chilean Company, with a Worldwide-Service Vocation.


Professional Services

We offer a diversity of services for people and organizations, oriented to solve situations, in the legal, accounting, financial, tax, and administrative fields.

Our interest is to contribute, solving various problems, with a systemic and multiprofessional look.

Our team has worked and participated in various activities together for more than a decade, so we are a group of highly committed, competent people with a long working relationship.

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Trust Management

in Gestores Asociados SpA we understand the needs of our clients and put all our experience and professionalism in taking full care of their requirements. Our team has a vast experience in Trust Commissions, a figure that has given us favorable results and a very good assessment among our clients, who put their needs in our hands with full confidence in our efficiency, seriousness and commitment.

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Back me up! SMe

In the current scenario in Chile, our company is ready and prepared to collaborate with the country’s SMEs, to help solve their needs. We have an offer specially designed for the times.

Work situations, commercial, financial advice, insurance policy management, inventory settlements, draft terms and much more, Associated Managers are ready and willing to start helping with your Pyme 2019 requirements.

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