Real-estate joint ownership in times of pandemic.



We have received various inquiries regarding the powers and powers of community administrators, management committees, and staff in times of pandemic. We remind you that, the communities are based on the Law of joint ownership (and also, the law of floors in buildings prior to the current law).
Each community has a co-ownership regulation, which establishes that it can and cannot be done. The administrators do not own the community, therefore, their actions must be based on the aforementioned norms; They do not have the power to invent norms or instructions that contradict current regulations. All measures of prevention, limitation or restriction must be carried out with criteria of equity, proportionality and opportunity. Access to apartments cannot be prohibited or restricted, nor can it be arbitrarily discriminated by the activity of the resident or by his health condition.
We are prepared and reinforcing our line of work to guide and deliver solutions in cases like this, which is why we are prepared to meet your requirements.


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