Back me up SME!

Chile is experiencing a really complex scenario at the country level, where the economy, society and the way of seeing the future have been changing significantly. Obviously there is a before and after since the social outbreak process is forcing to change the rules and the way of seeing Chile and its context. Therefore, we, who are SMEs, who perform services and, in a context of complex times, assume our commitment to society, our team and our environment, and we are ready and willing to work.

Therefore, Associated Managers have taken the following measures to better deliver our services to those who require it

1.- Payment processing via Paypal, Credit and use of BancoEstado Network.

Using the payment platforms of PayPal and MercadoPago Chile, we are accepting payments through the use of these technologies. Thus, we can serve our clients in Chile by facilitating access to payment with installments directly with bank accounts, and our clients abroad, allow them to transfer payments without the need to carry out costs and complex international money transfer procedures (WireTransfer, Swift o Money orders). We keep this possibility open to those clients that require it, but our main objective is to alleviate and propose new and improved ways of handling cash.

Likewise, we have as a possibility, the use of the BancoEstado network (Banco Estado, ServiEstado and Caja Vecina) for payment processing, achieving national scope for those operations where there is no other way to access financial services.

2.- SMEs help each other:

As we are SMEs, and given the current context where many are with serious problems of liquidity and cash flow, is that in Associated Managers we have arranged a simple and friendly way to help each other.

We offer professional services, and the SME can make a payment with its products and services, or a part with money and another part with products or services.

As a SME, we are requiring to make ourselves known, improve our website, and make our stationery and institutional material (in a first stage),

We are absolutely willing to propose an exchange agreement. This agreement must be made on commercial values ​​for both sides, and accounting is justified with invoices for the sale of products or services cross-over by both parties. It can also be a part in money and another part in products or services.

In this way, we contribute to mobilize our economy and help SMEs to be more efficient and aware of the current reality.

3.- Specialization in SME issues

Given the contingency and the circumstances of the situation, we have reinforced our team to deal with situations of SME issues, and that may be cases of similar occurrence for many of the entrepreneurs affected in our country.

Thus, we have reinforced our services on issues of

Labor Law (dismissals due to fortuitous events or force majeure, inability to continue functioning, difficulties in developing work activities)
Accounting and Finance (re-negotiation of liabilities, account analysis, financial statements with tax loss, asset liquidation).
Renegotiation (of suppliers, of assets and liabilities)

Given the special circumstance, we will be working hard to support SMEs with the best of our human development.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.