100% Remote, 100% Present.

The Covid-19 pandemic affecting Chile and the world, tests our ability to adapt to change

Therefore, we offer various solutions to problems arising from contingency, in an accessible and timely manner. We have reorganized through remote work, providing our services with professionalism but without losing the warmth and closeness that distinguishes us.

100% Remote

During this period, our office isn't open to the public, but we will be working 100% online.We will continue working with the same quality and professionalism that characterizes us.

Stop raise of Health Care

Have you received the raise-cost letter for your Chilean health care?. Keep the original cost and defend yourself with us.The service has no cost to you, and you are protected from the first moment.

Worldwide Services

In response to the difficulties of the global pandemic, we have strengthened our operation in international efforts. Learn about our new work guideline for requests outside of Chile.

Remote Assistance

Do you have questions or inquiries that you need to resolve in legal matters?.In a 30-minute session, by teleconference, we can give you professional guidance with a focus on your specific need, at a preferential value.

SME's Assistance

We understand that small and medium-sized enterprises are going through difficult times today.We advise you flexibly to analyze the particular situation in legal, accounting, financial and tax issues.

Effective Possessions

Do you need to process effective possession in Chile? We manage your requirement 100% online, for a single payment that includes all the services and procedures associated with the processing.

Real-state Assistance

Today more than ever, since we must stay at home, we have strengthened our co-property service.We provide guidance to residents, co-owners, administrators and management committees.

Person's Assistance

The health emergency has generated an uncertain and changing scenario, which demands quick and accurate responses. We support you with appropriate solutions, and with payment facilities in our services.


Decide today the destiny of your goods when your goneFor a known unique payment, you can obtain your will without complications. We craft the will and the notary burocracy for you.

Any requests or consultations?, Let's talk

Our team is ready and willing to attend your inquiries and requests