What we do

Gestores Asociados give to you the solutions that you needs, within a range of options in the legal, accounting, financial, tax and administrative areas. Offering advice, accompaniment, and resolution of situations that affect people and organizations. 

We operate in Santiago, Chile, with the capacity to resolve requirements in the territory of the Republic of Chile. We have a network of correspondents arroud of the world, in case of requiring some management that must be developed outside the country.


We offer the local collaboration service in Chile for lawyers and companies outside the country. We provide solutions with fast response times, and preferential conditions for the work they need to do in Chile

Administrative Handling

We help you in fulfilling administrative obligations and burocracy in the public and private sectors. We work in que requeriments from people and organizations.

Legal Management

If you require legal assistance, we have a robust team of legal professionals, capable of providing you with solutions in civil, labor and commercial areas.

Trust Commissions

We work on orders in Chile, within our area of competence, tasks, and requests. We take care of fulfilling your requirements with a confidential, reliable, secure service based on a service provision contract.

Financial Management

We help you understand and keep your cash flow in order. We support you to create a solution especially for you. Worry about the heart of your business, we care about the rest.

Accounting Management

Keep your accounting records under control. We support you in recurring tasks, and help you to fix errors, and make the necessary adjustments to your reality.

Real-Estate Co-ownership

Community life implies respecting duties and rights. Our team gives you advice, control and defense. We provide service to the co-owners, administration and committees.

Entrepreneurial Handling

Small and medium-sized companies have in our team a support for the process of starting and keeping their businesses in order. We help you in the life cycle of your company, with a solution tailored to you.

Tax Management

We work on your tax compliance. We tailor your tax base to your specific characteristics. We analyze, plan and accompany you in the process.

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