Correspondents are a service that Gestores Asociados offers to lawyers and management professionals, who need to develop activities in the country, in a fast, convenient and timely manner. We want to be a local ally and for this we make available all our capabilities and opportunities for the development of your needs within the territory of the Republic of Chile.

Our service includes both occasional requirements and medium- and long-term relationships. We have a high degree of adaptability, as well as speed of response to study requirements and trades abroad. Likewise, we value and seek to complement our network of collaborators worldwide, for the development of national customer requirements abroad. 

That's what we can do for you.

The service areas we offer as a wholesale offer for Lawyers and Management Companies, are as follows: 

Legal Services:

  • Commercial Law
  • Family Law
  • Registration Law
  • Successor Law
  • Labour Law 


Entrepreneurial Management Services

  • Organization of commercial entities
  • Representation of foreign investors
  • Commercial, tax and financial advice 


Administrative Services

  • Documentation requirement 
  • Request for registrations and applications to public and private entities
  • Development of trusted activities, by mandate.
  • Main area of territorial coverage: Metropolitan Region
  • We have the capacity to act and represent before public entities as private, whether at the administrative, executive or judicial level.
  • Depending on the case, there is territorial availability to carry out activities outside the territory of the Metropolitan Region, but within the Chilean territory (subject to feasibility and mobilization surcharge).
  • Have a representative in the Chile area, with a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.
  • You only make payments for the services you require, whether it is an eventual job, for a known term, or a medium- or long-term relationship.
  • It does not require own resources in Chile.
  • Quick responsiveness to requirements from the outside.
  • We value collaborative work with management professionals around the world, in order to develop international tasks, for which our consultan consultant invites organizations working in management processes to be part of our international collaboration network. 
  • We seek reciprocal relations and international operating capacity.

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