Real-estate Co-ownership

Community life brings several advantages, but also several responsibilities and obligations, which need to be clearly defined, known and respected. At Gestores Asociados, we offer our various solutions, aimed at entities subject to the Co-Ownership Law.

We provide advice, guiding and advising in decision-making, as well as in the preparation of regulatory instruments adapted to the reality and particular needs of the communities, which present unique and particular realities, attending to their existing resources (personnel, infrastructure, communication networks, etc.) and the diversity of those who inhabit it. Therefore, it is necessary that the internal regulations adjust to the reality, wishes, needs and characteristics of the communities, as well as that it be adjusted as a result of various changes to the current legislation, which, in many cases, makes it obsolete. or inefficient internal regulations.

Finally, when assuming a new administration of a community, it is always advisable to have a report on the legal situation of the condominium, in order to have information about possible inconveniences and to have a work plan regarding the regularization of existing situations.

Our main services offered in real estate joint ownership area, are the following

  • Advise for administrators and administration committees, in the preparation of provisions related to their obligations, within the powers granted by current regulations.
  • Guidance on how the legal regulations issued subsequently modify or in some way make any provision of the co-ownership regulation impracticable.
  • Legal review of the efforts of previous administrations, with observations.
  • Audit of the different community contracts, be it with suppliers, employment contracts, among others, with observations and recommendations.
  • Development of continuous improvement plans, with the aim of preventing sanctions against the community or the administration.
  • Advice on the drafting of new regulations and modification to the existing joint ownership regulations
  • Drafting of internal regulations, allowing to adjust to the measure of the particular needs of your condominium.

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