Who we are

Gestores Asociados, is a consulting firm, that provides professional services in legal, accounting, financial, tax and administrative areas, offering advice, accompaniment, and resolution of various needs that are required by people and organizations.

Our company emerges as an alternative oriented to the development of integrated services, with the ability to process needs in Chile that are required anywhere in the world. We are a team of professionals from Law and Administration, ready to deliver solutions with a synergistic look and tailored to every need. 

Our history

We started initially, in a request to our team made by who would be our first customer. This request had to be resolved in Chile, but in the resolution of the request, we realized the need to resolve first, various situations in a distant country.

Our client, after several attempts, could not find answers to his problem and was engaged in the local burocracy, with a great complexity by diligence and administrative procedures that had to be required to a distant country. Following the above-mentioned fact, we were able to visualize that there was a great opportunity to provide solutions in an integrated way, with a professional perspective in a globalized world.

In addition, it was key to the development of the case, the sum of the perspectives, knowledge and skills of each of the members of our team, was relevant to solve the needs of the first client. The aforementioned showed us that our team work capabilities remained unchanged and fully operational.

After a short time, a new requirement brought the team together again, and it was the seed by which, Gestores Asociados was born in July 2019


Víctor Cerda Rojas


Specialist in Commercial, Tax and Administrative Law.

Romina Reyes V.


Specialist in Constitutional, Immigration and Labor Law.

Andrés Norambuena V.


Specialist in Family, Mines and Water Law.



At Gestores Asociados, we are interested in performing quality work, close, taken care of in a personalized way and attached to specific objectives, without dubious promises or false expectations. Fully adapted to the constant change, we are happy to respond to the transformations that our society, customers and collaborators demand.

We aim to carry out a job well done and with fair price policies, friendly, personalized treatment, and focused on solving the needs of each client.


In a global world, needs of communication originate from multiple forms, languages, customs, needs and variables. Therefore, our processes aim to use technology to our advantage. While traditional media such as paper and manual certification are present, the basis of our work is based on digital process and media.

Our clients can be in Chile or anywhere in the world, and technology allows us to provide service channels regardless of where they are and without compromising our quality.

We live in a global world, small, ultra-connected, but still has a lot to solve at each of its points.  In one of these points (Chile), we are ready to solve what is required of us.