Who we are

Gestores Asociados SpA, is a collaborative venture, which operates as a platform for the development of our team’s activities. Our company emerges as a service alternative aimed at citizens of the world with needs in Chile, as well as serving Chileans abroad.

We are a working platform with a multidisciplinary professional team, who understand that the world is a small place and that, therefore, our services may be required from anywhere on the planet. We are a local company with a global vocation.

Our reason for being is to meet needs based on “Management”.

Our History

Our history begins the year 2017 from a requirement, requested from the founders, which would be our first client. The assignment entrusted to us had to be resolved in Chile, however – originally – it had as a source facts and documents from abroad. The situation had caused great complications to our client, who had not found answers to his problem and was trapped in bureaucratic procedures, complicated by administrative procedures and procedures that should be required to a distant country.

How was the idea born?

From the experience of our first customer, we could clearly see the shortage of professionals dedicated to generating solutions to real problems in an integral way, also addressing the complexity of an increasingly globalized world. In turn, the collaborative work developed made us aware of our potential as a team, where the sum of the perspectives, knowledge and skills of each of its members operated at the service of customer needs, resulting in concrete, creative and efficient solutions . This experience sowed the seed of what would later become Gestores Asociados SpA.

Time passed until a new requirement met us again, an occasion that motivated us to formalize our project, so many times discussed, in the creation of Gestores Asociados SpA, in July 2019.

Our Team

Gestores Asociados SpA is formed by a team with years of experience together, which has solid professional knowledge, extremely valuable work experiences and a global vision of the world that allow us to offer, from a solid base of experience and knowledge, solutions at the service of the needs and requirements of citizens Chile and the world.

We also have a network of collaborators both in Chile and abroad, with the ability to solve situations from a multidisciplinary team willing to work towards the needs of our clients.

Víctor Cerda Rojas

Commercial Engineer and Business Manager

Romina Reyes Valenzuela


Andrés Norambuena Venegas


Our Values

In Gestores Asociados SpA, we are interested in performing quality work, close, attended in a personalized way and attached to deliver a real service, without doubtful promises or false expectations.

We know that in the real world, day by day is constantly changing, and for this reason, we are concerned with being prepared to meet the changes of our society, our clients and our collaborators demand.

We aim to perform a job well done, tariffs and fees for our services in accordance with a fair price policy, along with doing a friendly, personalized work, and focused on solving the needs of our customers.

Our Present

Gestores Asociados SpA, begins operations in mid-2019, and we are in the process of growth. We are a recent organization, but with the strength of a team that shares a way of seeing, understanding and understanding the world. We are a new company, with more than a decade of history of its founding team.

We understand that, in a global world, forms of communication originate from multiple forms, languages, customs, needs and variables, for which we are prepared.

Our processes aim to use technology in our favor. While traditional media such as paper and manual certification are present, the basis of our work is based on communication and process digitalization.

Our clients can be in Chile or anywhere in the world, and technology allows us to provide care channels regardless of where they are located, and which is distance or distance, does not undermine our professional capacity.

We live in a global, small, ultraconnected world, but it still has a lot to solve in each of its points. In one of those points (Chile), we are ready to solve what is required.

We are a company of digital culture, where processes, payments and requirements, we are committed to always stay in the same line, which allows us to be a company always open, always willing and always operational.